X-Flex Blast Protection إكس فليكس الواقى من الإنفجار

أفضل 50 إبتكار في 2010


سيارات طائرة! نفاثات شخصية! ليزر يقضي على البعوض الحامل للملاريا! أهم وألطف اختراقات العام في العلوم والتكنولوجيا والفنون قالب:أفضل 50 إبتكارا في 2010

X-Flex wallpaper won't make your walls aesthetically pleasing, just safe from collapsing from lethal force.

This startlingly resilient covering is designed to reinforce buildings against man-made blasts, flying shrapnel and destabilizing natural disasters.

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Once the wallpaper is applied, its Kevlar-like material, combined with an elastic polymer wrap, becomes virtually stronger than the wall it's shielding — so strong that it's being considered to protect U.S.

military bases overseas. Now if only they could make some to cover the windows.