Sarcasm Detection الكشف عن السخرية

أفضل 50 إبتكار في 2010


سيارات طائرة! نفاثات شخصية! ليزر يقضي على البعوض الحامل للملاريا! أهم وألطف اختراقات العام في العلوم والتكنولوجيا والفنون قالب:أفضل 50 إبتكارا في 2010

This is the most important software ever invented. Of course, if a computer using the Semi-Supervised Algorithm for Sarcasm Identification read that last sentence, it would immediately detect the sarcasm.

Bi sarcasmdetection 1122.jpg

Developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the tool is designed to spot sarcastic sentences in product reviews.

The algorithm has been fairly accurate even in its earliest stages: in a trial involving 66,000 Amazon reviews, it was right 77% of the time, pointing to a future in which computers won't just store your words, they'll interpret your intent