Seijin no hi

'''Seijin No Hi or coming of age in Japan

في اليابان، young people come of age when they're 20. This event is celebrated in the most areas of Japan with a special ceremony called Sejin No Hi or Coming of Age. On this important day in January, young people who are from the same area and were all at the same school year, go together to their local town hall، حيث يقام الحفل.

عادة ما يبدأ اليوم مبكرا للبنات، لأن عليهن ارتداء ملابس خاصة للحفل. They wear a traditional Japenese dress called a كيمونو. These are extremely expensive, so most girls have to hire or borrow one. Because the dress is very difficult to put on, some girls go to a special place where other women help them. They sometimes spend up to three hours getting dressed and doing their hair and make-up. Most boys wear suits, but some wear a traditional kimono for men.

When they are ready, the young people are photographed with their families. All the girls and boys then go to the local town hall or governement office, where more photos taken. In the hall, they listen to long speeches and sometimes sing songs. They are then given a special certificate or present from local governement. The boys and girls, now men and women, then go outside, where many more photod are taken. Finally, they leave and go out to celebrate together.

--Pure Otaku (نقاش) 16:24، 22 مارس 2016 (EDT)